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Our Salesman works behind the scenes, monitoring each customer’s pageviews, ratings, purchases… Working on complex Data Science to study each customer’s behaviour and answer two simple questions;

  1. In which products is your customer interested the most?
  2. How much is that customer price-sensitive?

Answering these questions lets him help you maximize your revenue by acting as a recommender and a promoter:


The Recommendation engine is a prerequisite for any online business seeking to become a market leader. Data science and machine learning have allowed leading online businesses to offer each customer a unique personalized experience every time on their websites.

In traditional stores, a smart salesman depends on his personal sense and experience to show each customer a product that grabs their attention.

Instead of senses, BADR salesman depends on Data Science, handling complicated mathematical equations behind the scenes to study your customers’ behaviour and show each of them products in which they are interested.

Data science investment is always expensive, as it requires skillful Data professionals, along with enormous time and effort to manage these professionals.

BADR Salesman saves you the worries, with zero-setup time, our Salesman starts working on your data, driving your numbers up, and letting you focus only on the core of your business.

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